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Earring Assembly - French wire

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Glass beads © Susan Simonds

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Assembly Illustrations:

The assembly of an earring is described and illustrated below. The finished earring shown at the left in each illustration is ready to wear and the bead is safely locked in place by the earring finding.

Glass beads © Kristen Frantzen Orr

    1. The loops should be approximately 1/8 to 3/16 inch longer than the beads or combination of beads you wish to use. Insert one leg of a Y-shaped piece (key) into the opening at one end of the loop. Rotate the Y into an upside down position so that the long part is inside the loop opening; this forms the the shaft that will fit into the bead openings. Be sure to slide the loop end fully into the slot of the Y. This key will hold your bead(s) on the loop.

    2. Fit the desired bead(s) over the top of the loop and down against the key. The top end of the loop should extend only enough (up to 1/8 inch) to allow the earring to swing naturally. The hole of the bead placed just before the earring wire should fit closely to the loop so the tiny front curve of the earring wire cannot slip inside the opening of the bead and prevent free movement. Insert the thin end of the earring wire into the loop opening at the top of the bead.

    3. Slide the earring wire through the loop end until you come to the tiny curve at the front of the wire. Now you can swing the earring wire up into wearing position.

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Glass beads ©
Susan Simonds (large beads)
and Dolly Ahles (black glass)

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