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One of a kind jewelry


Reusable findings

Put them together with your lampworked beads to make beautiful jewelry -- again and again.

TheBEADifferent logo system was created specifically to allow for convenient design of interchangeable bead jewelry having a fine custom look. The findings will accomodate beads with an opening of 3/32 inches or more - about like a wooden matchstick. Beads are not included.

System components:

Foundation options  Larger image

Except for French wires and bails, all foundations are "pigtail" findings.

    Top row: G/F v-lg Ribbon , S/S large Oval

    Second row: S/S large Ribbon, G/F small Ribbon, S/S French wires, G/F small Oval

    Bottom row: S/S medium bail, S/S small bail

Pigtail finding (back), loop and Y-shaped key

Y-shaped key options

"standing", "walking", "running"

How it works:

The Y- shaped piece (key) and the loop form a shaft to fit into the bead openings. The key will hold the bead(s) on the loop.

The "pigtail" foundations have a coil (pigtail) on the reverse. The coil is hinged so that you can raise it away from the foundation and thread the top of a loop onto the open end of the coil. The loop slides around a complete circle on the coil so that when the coil is lowered into wearing position, its open end is against the back of the foundation. The loop cannot come off the coil while you wear your BEADifferent logo jewelry.

In fact, all the BEADifferent logo foundations are designed with a connection that passes through the top of the loop, effectively locking your beads in place. To safeguard your special bead collection, the loop and beads are securely captured when the BEADifferent logo jewelry is worn.

To see the assembly in pictures:  French wire or  "pigtail"

Why the BEADifferent logo system is special:

Solid sterling silver or high quality 14/20 Kt. gold filled

14 Kt. gold posts on the G/F post style earrings

Lightly brushed finish complements glass beads

Custom choice of components for each set

Loops and Y-shaped keys interchangeable with all foundations

Parts available separately

Foundations - multiple styles
Y-shaped keys - 3 styles
Loops - many standard and custom lengths

Each earring set includes your choice of:

    2 foundations
    2 loops - any standard length
    2 Y-shaped keys

Each pendant or pin set includes your choice of:

    1 foundation
    1 loop - any standard length
    1 Y-shaped key

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