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Agatized dinosaur bone
Petrified wood
Ocean Jasper
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Other stones roughly sorted by color:

Black and White
Red - pink
Yellow - orange

The very nature of patterned, multi-color stones will defy precise categories so in general, single stones are listed in the special categories or loosely by color.

"Cabochon sets" include accessory stones. Some are marked to allow individual stone purchase.

You receive exact stone in image
Ott lighting used
Color rendering from monitor to monitor varies
"HOLD" indicates sale pending
Stone sales updated as quickly as possible
Identical orders: earliest request prevails
Stone cuts: cabochon cut, single bevel buff top (SBBT), other styles as noted
Additional inventory available - ask pamchott (at) pobox (dot) com

Customer feedback: "I think these stones are fantastic! I am so glad that I found your website."

Orange chalcedony and Mookaite jasper
(click image for detail)

8mm (5mm high) modified cab: pyramid

25x12x3.5mm SBBT

$60/set of 4

"Cherry Creek" jasper (China) and orange chalcedony
(click image for detail)

30x9x3mm SBBT / 6x5mm cone drop

33x23.5x2.7mm SBBT

$92/set of 5

Jasper stones only

$54/set of 3

"Cherry Creek" jasper (China) and orange chalcedony
(click image for detail)

27x42x2.5mm SBBT

19x16x3.5mm SBBT / 3.5x24 drop

$90/set of 5

Jasper stones only

$65/set of 3

Orange chalcedony and "Cherry Creek" jasper (China)
(click image for detail)

12x12x5mm chalcedony pyramids / 20x20x3mm SBBT

62x14x4mm SBBT

$70/set of 5

Jasper stones only

$47/set of 3

Peach moonstone and ocean jasper
(click image for detail)

8.8x3.9mm cab / 28x21x3mm SBBT

$72/set of 2

Jasper only


Customer feedback:
"I am smitten with them all - thank you so much for your fabulous gems!!!"

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