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A heavy layer of high karat gold alloy (22K) is permanently bonded to a layer of sterling silver to produce the 22Kt/sterling bimetal used in the pleated "fan" of this piece. This produces a beautiful, durable material as the gold layer is two to three times the thickness of most gold filled products and the rich color is close to that of fine gold.

This lovely lampworked glass bead was made by Kristen Frantzen Orr. The graceful floral pattern applied to the surface of the bead draws closer attention to the details visible within; the colors of the bead are accentuated by the hessonite garnet trillion.

Hessonite is the variety name for a fine orange, cinnamon brown, or pinkish variety of grossularite garnet.

This versatile piece is provided with a custom bail attachment and can be worn as a pendant or as a brooch.


Brooch/pendant of 22Kt/sterling bimetal with flame-worked glass bead and .73 Ct. Hessonite garnet.
No chain provided.


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